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Established on 01st AUGUAT 2005
The homely shelter (Rumah Kasih Sayang) is managed by the Tender Loving Care Foundation Negeri Sembilan (YKSNS) under the patronage and financial support from the State Islamic Council (Majlis Agama Islam Negeri Sembilan) and the Negeri Sembilan, State Government Muslim Jurist.

The Location/Address
 No 1 and 3 Taman Cemerlang.
72000 Kuala Pilah,
Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.

Mr Muhammad Adnan bin Abdullah P.J.K.

Vice Principal
Mr Bukhari bin Safian

Head of Women Affairs
Puan Hajah Norizan binti Haji Zakaria


Asset Fund Account


1.1               The Homely Shelter of the  Negeri SembilanTender Loving Care Foundation (YKSNS) was founded on 1st August 2005 upon request to house the homeless converts on temporary basis.  Apart from accommodating the homeless, the hospital had often requested us to provide for the unfortunates and individuals who have accommodation problems and those who did not have a source of income.

1.2               The YKSNS have accounted the problems and after a series of meetings with the board of directors, we had agreed to set up another home for the women. We rented a terrace house at 34 Taman Setia Kasih, 72000 Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan to cater for the need of the women folks.

1.3               The total number of the earlier residents was 17.  They consisted of the destitute senior citizens,  illegitimately  pregnant teenagers, underprivileged single mothers the newly converted individuals who were referred by hospitals and The Negeri Sembilan State Islamic Council.  YKSNS also had provided basic facilities for the residents and we did get contribution from some caring individuals.

1.4               In the mid 2007, This home had moved to the end lot of the medium-cost terrace house at Taman Wira,72000 Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. In the same year we established another home particularly meant to house and care for  the men folks after receiving many cases of Muslim converts being made homeless. Therefore we rented a bungalow house at No 1, Taman Cemerlang, 72000 Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan.
1.5               Thus, by mid 2008, the home for the women was shifted to Taman Cemerlang. This was done to facilitate monitoring of both homes.  This was also effective to carry out religious activities at a nearby mosque.  The mosque was repaired and named Masjid Tok Muar and is currently used to conduct Islamic class for the newly converts.

1.6               In 2008, YKSNS made a momentous decision to purchase the bungalow, Lot PT 2095 (No 1, Taman Cemerlang, 72000 Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan) at the price of RM290,000.00. Upon a discussion between YKSNS and The developer, it is agreed that YKSNS pays RM2000.00 monthly as deposit while YKSNS secures a loan.

1.7               The YKSNS had tried every effort to secure a loan and to get contributions from individuals, government agencies, Corporate figures, the private sectors etc.  A charity dinner was held, however only RM30,000.00 was raised and the money had been used to pay up the installments.

The YKSNS had worked tirelessly to get a loan from several banks but to this date we still fail to secure one as YKSNS is registered as an organization and we do not have a committee member who is financially secured enough to be named he  borrower.

2.0          THE IMPLICATION

2.1          As to May 2010, YKSNS has not been able to secure a loan and fund contribution from a bank or the public.  The developer has notified us about the earlier agreement.   We are fortunate enough to be given an extension for YKSNS to work on other plans.

2.2          After a series of discussions with the management committee the YKSNS have agreed to hold “Malam Nur Inspirasi” (A Charity Dinner) with the theme “Mahabbah Inspirasi Modal Insan Cemerlang” on 24th July 2010 in an effort to get funds in the form of hibah/wakaf for RM143.85 per one square feet.

2.3          Since the launching in April 2010, YKSNS has received about RM2000.00 contribution which is far below the target amount of RM270,00.00 being the balance of the price of the house.  YKSNS has to work for the amount before July 2010. Should we fail again, the developer will repossess the premise as agreed upon.

4.0          CLOSURE

                YKSNS are hopeful and we appeal to the caring nations to help us to realize our dream to purchase the house at No 1, Taman Cemerlang,72000 Kuala Pilah, which refuges,cares, accommodates for the needy and a place to allow them to hold Human Capital Development activities and as a place to guide the newly converted Muslims so as to liven up the environment of religious activities at The old Tok Muar Mosque


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